JIRA Plugins for Every Team

Atlassian JIRA is not only a product but is also a platform on which a lot of functionality could be added with plugins. We offer the following plugins for JIRA. If these do not fit your needs you can also ask for improvements or additional features in the issue tracker section of each plugin. Without having continuos customer feedback, none of these plugins could be in the state they are right now.

Component/Subcomponent/Bundle Versions for JIRA

Component/Subcomponent/Bundle Versions

Extends JIRA's Component and Version management capabilities with subcomponents, bundles, component versions, and version graphs. Some of these features are between the top requested features of JIRA. We are commited to make this add-on ultimate component and version toolkit for JIRA. The add-on provides rich set of well documented REST APIs, so that you can integrate it with your own add-ons or programs.

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Issue Reminders for JIRA

Issue Reminders

Coordinate issues with automatic time based notifications for users, project roles, groups and even external email addresses. Mails are not only a link to JIRA issue, they contain issue summary, description and reminder message, so recipients may take action through the received email without accessing JIRA. You can define repeated reminders or select multiple recepient for each reminder. My Reminders page list all of your reminders in tabular form and you can change, delete or browse to issue directly on that page.

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Similar Issues Finder for JIRA

Similar Issues for JIRA Server And Cloud

Minimize duplicate issues from your JIRA and gain more time to work on actual issues, instead of marking duplicate issues. By deploying this plugin you will give your team extra time for working on actual issues. You can not request a refund for the time your team has spent, but you can request a refund for this plugin so there is no reason for not trying. Note that, not all capabilities of Server version are available for Cloud.

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Worklog PRO

Worklog PRO

Increase the quality of your worklogs by making it easier with Worklog PRO for JIRA. Timesheet reports for employes and issues allows you to see where your effort is spend. Enter worklog to several days with a few clicks. Build in issue filtering capability during worklog entry, like assigned, reported, watched, or all issues you have looked or any custom filter you provide. It also provides a timer which measures exact time spent on an issue for exact billing. Export to excel, query with JQL, or integrate with you plugin with REST API.

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Rainbow for JIRA

Rainbow for JIRA

The human mind subconsciously associates a color with an element and instantly relates that element color in front of them. So color coding your issues helps you to more easily recognize which issue needs priority. This plugin can colorize issues according to value of a single select custom field or one of status, priority or resolution fields. Plugin also makes your issue lists more attractive on the screen, or on the print that is delivered to your customer.

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Resolution and Status Colors for JIRA

Resolution and Status Colors

In JIRA, an issue with Resolved status does not mean that it is solved, because "Won't Fix", "Incomplete", "Cannot Reproduce" are also valid solutions. Do not let green Resolved status badge to fool you. Colorize issues according to their Status and Resolution because human mind subconsciously associates a color with an element and instantly relates that element color in front of them.

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JIRA Note Taker

Note Taker for JIRA

Create personal notes in JIRA for anything you want. Remind yourself anything important related with the issue or note them to discuss in the meetings. View your notes on cork board as a list. Assign different colors to notest to group them. You can use markdown to add richtext and images.

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